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4×4 Car Rental Uganda

Car rental Uganda has become the most popular ground transportation option in Uganda. This is due to the fact that it is the most convenient, reliable, safest and fastest means of transport for a leisure and commitment oriented travel enthusiast. Car Rental Uganda allows you to hire vehicles for self-guided tours/ self drive and or chauffeur drives while on your trip. Car rental Uganda from cars 4 hire is regarded as the best way to explore the various national parks in Uganda at discounted prices, Self drive Uganda is among the leading car hire company that has experience in renting self drive 4×4 Fleets to visit Uganda on a cheap price.

There are many car rental agencies that offer car rental services but Cars 4 Hire prides itself in offering you the best experience for a car rental solution and we are always happy to share more than just the top highlights about the beauty of Uganda and Rwanda. We also take you for the unmissable gorilla lands for gorilla trekking activities for a climax of an inspirational journey. At Cars 4 Hire, we have experienced safari drivers and chauffeurs, and this surely comes with First-hand great insider tips for the “Must Do” and what NOT to miss-out” for an inspirational journey in Rwanda.

Rent and book a car with Cars 4 Hire in Uganda if you are on holiday, safari vacation and you want to transfer from one destination to the other in a flexible way. Our services are very safe, convenient, reliable, affordable and appropriate for all kinds of people worldwide who wish to travel around Uganda.

Tips for a self drive safari
Rwanda road trips

Car Rental Uganda Services Offered by Cars 4 Hire

1. Airport Transfers: At Cars 4 Hire, we offer our esteemed customers cars for hire to take them to or out of Entebbe International Airport. As our esteemed client, you can opt for self drive or chauffeur driven car.

2. Self Drive Safari Trips: We offer vehicles for self drive safari tours in the various national parks of Queen Elizabeth national park for game drives, Murchison falls national park for boat safaris, Bwindi impenetrable national park for gorilla trekking activities, among the 10 national parks in Uganda and these tours can extend up to Rwanda if the traveler would like to explore the country of a thousands hills. You can choose a self guided tour or with a chauffeur/driver.

3. We organize City Tours in and around Kampala: Rent a car and take take a tour around Kampala city and be able to see the different historical and cultural sites in Uganda. You can also visit other interesting cities in Uganda like the Jinja which has the most amazing tourism feature in Uganda like the source of the Nile.

Why Choose Cars 4 Hire for Car Rental Uganda?

1. We have an experienced and well-trained staff that will provide you with the information and quality services you require as well as any help in case of any emergencies/ break downs so please our esteemed clients, don’t think twice about contacting us at any time for we shall be available to see you through.

2. We offer pick up and drop off services to our visitors on prior request after booking and reserving a car with us to use. The cars we offer include 4×4 Rav4s, Premios, and Land Cruiser VX among others.

3. Our Booking Process is hassle-free since our visitors can use the online booking system to make the whole process of booking, reservation and inquiries very simple.

4. The prices we charge are fair enough to suit all kinds of clients/ visitors depending on one’s tastes and preferences as according to a certain vehicle.

Car rental Uganda

Our Car Rental Uganda fleet Preferred for Self Drive Tours

Our car rental fleet consists of the Toyota Landcruisers (TX, TZ, Prado, Extended version), Nisaan Patrol vehicles and the highly rated safari vehicle of the Toyota RAV4s. All these car rental uganda vehicles are reliable and widely used 4×4 vehicles in Uganda and perfect for a self-drive trip or tour. Which car would you like to rent for your self drive/chauffeur drive in Uganda? Explore the choices below;

Car rental Uganda

Toyota RAV4 – 5 doors $45/Day

The RAV4 is Uganda’s most widely used 4×4. Sporty, compact and robust, as well as easy and economical to drive. It’s automatic and in permanent four-wheel-drive. Fuel consumption is very low compared to other 4×4 models: around  10-12 km per litre. Petrol costs between $ 1 – $1.20. 

The 5-door can fit up to four people. When you go camping with three adults or more, the Landcruiser would be the car to choose. It’s NOT possible to travel to Kidepo and Karamoja area in a RAV4, the Landcruiser is required.


Toyota Land Cruiser Prado $100/Day

Our 4×4 Toyota Prado Land cruisers (Tz and Tx) are very sturdy and reliable cars. They have a powerful Diesel engine and a high ground clearance. The diesel is readily available in Uganda and these land cruisers are unmatched for navigating the inescapable rough terrain of all our national roads and are compared directly to almost none as far as maneuvering rough terrains.

These land cruisers can fit 4 persons to max with enough luggage space for both self drive and driver guide safari.


Car rental Uganda
Rwanda Car hire and Self Drive Car rental in Rwanda and Uganda

Toyota RAV4 – 3 doors $40/Day

This Rav 4 3 Doors is the smaller compatriot of the 5 Doors , but besides that there are no differences. Both RAV’s are automatic and have the same engine. The smaller 3-door model fits two people with camping gear. It is a full time 4WD which makes it convenient given the mountainous terrain.

The fuel/Mileage consumption is low compared to other vehicles given a 60litre tank takes you between 650kms – 700kms, though the consumption depends on the terrain and nature of driving.


Extras to Add to your Car Rental Uganda

In addition to your car rental services, Cars 4 Hire provides other extra facilities to a customer that can enhance their excursion in Uganda.
1. GPS navigators and tourist maps: these are normally offered for self drive navigation tours .

2. Extra baby seat: this is offered to people who are going for a family vacation which involves an infant to make his/her journey experience a comfortable one.
3. Camping gears & Tents; a set of camping tools is also provided to customers who would love to have a camping experience in Uganda.


Car rental Uganda

Cars 4 Hire offers cheap and affordable car rental solutions for your self drive holiday trips . Most of our car rental options for safari tours are available either with or without camping gear equivalent to the number of people per car. Check availability and secure your car now.


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