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Car Hire In Uganda with Quality Camping Gear.

Rwanda Car rental and camping gear

Rwanda car rental and camping gear from Cars 4 Hire gives an extensive range of camping equipment you would wish to have to make your itinerary a memorable experience while in Rwanda or Uganda. All the Rwanda car rental and camping gear equipment are very affordable and we have got a wide range of selection you can choose from. When considering a self drive trip in Rwanda or Uganda, book a trip with us for camping site experiences and we shall organize the best for you. At Cars 4 Hire, you rent a car and camping gear at a pocket-friendly rate, and with guaranteed tools to ensure your experience while on safari is memorable.

When it comes to camping experiences in the Land of a Thousand Hills, specific campsites available give you the absolute chance to add a great memorable value to your trip. All campsites in this remarkable country are equipped with shared firewood and very clean bathrooms, hence a home away from home in the wilderness.

What to Expect on your Camping Trip in Rwanda

If you love nature and wilderness and you are looking for the perfect campsites to realize your dreams while on your safari in Rwanda or Uganda. Booking a Car rental with Camping gear is the best way to get in touch with the  African wilderness and thus offering the most enjoyable and outdoor recreational moments in the wilderness. With camping, travelers will have a chance to catch a glimpse at Rwanda’s most spectacular landscapes, valleys, rainforests, and the rolling hills and many more.

Stay comfortable throughout your whole camping safari without having to carry the gear from your country home. Just be prepared for anything of personal camping essentials like flashlights, Swiss knife, bug spray, insect repellant and leave the rest for us to handle and consider the Rwanda Car rental and camping gear option.

Car rental rates and quotes

Rwanda Car Rental and Camping Gear Tools

Rwanda car rental and camping gear for a safari is a  trip you would not love to miss out as it leads you to the wilderness and you get to explore the rain forests, climate, watch primates and have a cool breeze of the beautiful scenery. Below we make a checklist of the camping tools that spice up your camping safari experience.


Self Camping Packlist: When going for a camping trip, consider having your camping packages fully packed to accommodate your personal needs on the trip


Igloo Tents: Igloo Tents are the most popular preferred choice for camping trips while on a safari. Cars 4 Hire, provides you with these amazing camping tents


Camping Mattresses: A wide variety of folding foam mattresses or inflated mattresses for camping are available to give a relaxed moment of rest while on the trip


Camping Folding Chairs: Sit back and relax this on your camping with this folding camping chair for you. Enjoy your campsite experience in the wilderness with us.

Other Camping Tools include;

  • Cool box (not electrical, mainly serve as storage box for drinks)
  • Blanket and bed sheets or sleeping bag with pillow
  • Food storage box, Gas tank & burner
  • Pots, frying pans, knife & cutlery set
  • Water percolator and a simple table
  • Solar table lamp, with mobile phone charging capacity
  • A coffee Plunger, Cutting board, Can opener, cork screw
  • BBQ roaster, Dish washing set, Headlights


costs / day   1 person   2 persons   3 persons   4 persons
Days 1-4    US$ 8   US$ 13    US$ 17    US$ 25
Days 5-9  US$ 7   US$ 10    US$ 13    US$ 20
Day 10+  US$ 5   US$ 8    US$ 10    US$ 15

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