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All about the 5 door Rav4 Self-Drive and Safaris rental in Uganda

Safaris in Uganda with 5 door Rav4 Self-Drive

 Safaris in Uganda with 5 door Rav4 Self-Drive

Like Rwanda,  Safaris in Uganda with 5 door Rav4 Self-Drive is one of the emerging African destinations due to the most unceasing activity of mountain gorilla tracking in these two countries alongside Democratic republic of Congo which is a bit unstable leaving Rwanda and Uganda to directly compete in the mountain gorilla tracking market.

Since the rise of car renting business, Safaris in Uganda with the 5 door Rav4 has been the best consumers’ choice for self drive. This is because it is relatively affordable (budget hire ranging from US$40-US$55 per day ) and fit for the relatively rough roads which are the most common in rural areas of Uganda.

 Safaris in Uganda with 5 door Rav4 Self-Drive can carry up to five people including the driver, so often is considered a four seater because it only gives four people access to the windows; leaving the fifth person to just sit in between two people without direct access to the window

It has automatic gear shift with petroleum fuel consumption and a tank size of sixty liters. This grants you between 500-650 kilometers depending on the condition of the road you are using .

For Safaris in Uganda,Due to its size, it is not fit for roof top tents however it has enough space in the back to carry camping gearing for four people.  cares 4 hire propose you a quite number of items that you may use on your tour  places in Uganda .

Différents items are:

  • Clean Sleeping bags
  • Camper Chairs
  • Camper table(s)
  • Lamp (s)
  • Storage box
  • A water proof tent
  • Electric cooler box
  • Cutlery
  • Gas cooker / Cylinder
  • Jerrycan (s)
  • Water Jug
  • Sleeping mattresses
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