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About Self Drive in Rwanda

Self Drive Car Rental Rwanda as a car rental option at Cars 4 Hire Rwanda and Uganda makes it easy for you to book a car for your Self Drive trip. We give you the Best rates on Self Drive in Rwanda at discounts you can not get from any other car rental agencies in Kigali, Rwanda, and yet we have a big Self drive car rental Rwanda fleet of 4×4 high-performance vehicles including economy, compact, midsize, van, luxury, full size, and SUV rentals. Our Cars 4 hire car rental branch in Uganda will offer different pick-up and drop-off options in case you are crossing the border.

There are lots of things to do in the “land of thousand hills” – visit the mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park on a self-drive adventure, enjoy game viewing in Akagera National Park, track chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest and many more. We have a good fleet of cars that you can use to explore Rwanda and Uganda.  If you like to take a guided tour with Us, Our professional driver guides can take you on a safari through Rwanda and Uganda.

Enjoy more for less with Self Drive Rwanda Special Offers

Self Drive Car Rental Rwanda is the best option when planning a trip to Rwanda the land of a thousand hills. Explore why self drive is the best option recommended from Cars 4 Hire with the main focus of  Offering Self Drive Safaris in Rwanda at discounted rates with a reliable self-drive 4×4 fleet.

Cars 4 Hire continues to bring you amazing offers on car hire to ensure you save money. The offers contain a variety of savings to help you reduce the cost of your car rental booking. We believe we offer the best value airport Transfers and make the experience as easy as possible. We meet customers at the terminal with their car, instead of shuttling you in buses to distant parking lots.

Check Below our Self Drive Car Rental Rwanda Fleet

Self Drive Car Rental

Select from our wide range of fleets to find the best car for your self drive unmatched experience. By booking the 4×4 Toyota RAv4 , 4×4 Toyota Super Custom4×4 Nissan Patrol, and the rest below with Cars 4 Hire.  Rwanda being the land of mountain gorillas, many people prefer to enjoy the gorilla trekking activity on a self drive and we surely guarantee you this ultimate experience.

Why self drive Car Rental in Rwanda?

Do you dream of a self drive holiday in Rwanda? Or your friends have explored the beauty of Rwanda and You feel you would like to have the same experience? At Cars 4 Hire, we definitely believe that a self drive car rental is one of the most exceptional ways to explore the country and meet the people.

A self-drive holiday in Rwanda is an exciting trip / journey that will take you for mountain gorilla trekking & wildlife, offer you a relaxed sense of freedom and ultimate exciting trips with an inspirational experience that will leave you with some great lasting memories to tell for years to come.

Rwanda road trips
Self drive car rental

Road Conditions in Rwanda for Self Drive 

The Republic of Rwanda has the most paved roads that favour Self drive trips to all african destinations, with all the intercity connecting roads being in clear view although due to the mountainous nature of the country, the speed limit is max of 60km/hr.

The first thing you should know about renting a car in Rwanda is that while there are many paved roads throughout the country, there are also many unpaved roads. You will inevitably find yourself off-roading at one point or another, and with the lure of multiple safari options so close to the capital of Kigali, you’ll want a good safari vehicle to get you safely through all your adventures.

Are You Planning for a Self Drive Car Rental in Rwanda? Cars 4 Hire has a wide range of selected self drive cars at discounted price with extras like gorilla permit booking , Safari lodge reservations and customization of the travel plan. We can arrange your trip plans with all the camping Gears  to spice up your excursion. Please Contact Us today for your starter pack.


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